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Choose A1 Paintext Painting, Roofing and Maintenance Services company of Kitchener Waterloo (KW) to Make younger your home

Our company’s crew consist of the most experienced painters. We always use top quality paint and other products of your choice.  We are one of the few companies which have been in Renovation Business covering Kitchener Waterloo (KW) area since 1988.

Re-roof or Repaint the interior and/or exterior of your home and restore its original beauty. We will help you bring your home’s appearance back to its just-built look or change it into something totally new and modern. We will work with you to bring new life to your property.

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All types of paintings and related repairs contracts in K-W area



* Reputation. We deliver what we promise, best quality products, value and excellence in customer service.

* Competitive Pricing. We will provide in writing: competitive prices with all the project details spelled out in a professional proposal.

* Professional Painters, Roofers. We do painting, roofing and all the services directly related to the job, like dry walls and repairs, wallpaper removal, power washing, carpentry, and initial free professional consulting.

* Warranty. We are not just a website, we have a brick and mortar office with an actual business address.

* Insurance. You may want to see copies of our liability and more importantly our workers compensation insurance before we start. You and your property are not at risk when you choose us.

One of companies you can trust.